Emperial Motors
Emperial Motors
Emperial Motors
2 Years
Emperial Motors

A Step into the Future.

Emperial Motors was our first go as an agency as was completed in 2020, by various members of WRKSHP.DEV, creatively directed by Jansen Fitch.


Breathing New Life into a Luxury Car Dealership‍

While our main focus was film and photography, we also secured strategic partnerships and business relations with 'Johnny Dang & Co.' as well as 'Art of The World Gallery', in Houston, Texas. Shortly after reviewing our first submissions, Emperial Motors decided to hire our team full time and appointed Jansen Fitch as Senior Marketing Director and Creative Director of Emperial Motors from early 2018 through 2020.


CMO Status

As CMO during our two years working with Emperial Motors, we reworked their official logo, designed and sourced the addition of a billboard located at the entrance of the facility, filmed and photographed 15+ vehicles, curated strategic partnerships to further the businesses growth within the local community, assisted in the design and transition of Emperial Motors official facility, as well as created dozens of graphics for our clients social media. We helped grow their official instagram page from 3,000 followers to 9,000 followers. Although, short in duration, we provided our client with planned and off the cuff, multifaceted solutions to suit their businesses needs.

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“The key to artificial intelligence has always been the representation.”—Jeff Hawkins

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